In a world that keeps telling you more or faster, you’re looking for less. Simpler. Slower. Wholesome. More meaningful.

You believe a simple life at home is full of purpose and value. No matter what some of the outside world thinks. 

My goal is to empower women in their roles as homemakers and mothers as they pursue their passions in homemaking, motherhood, old-fashioned skills, and seasonal living, all from a natural perspective.

I strive to help moms who want a simpler life learn how to create an easily-maintained home, foster loving relationships with their family, and embrace a joyful, more natural life that nurtures the body and soul. 

A little about me

Photo of my family and I

I’m Catia. I’m a mother of 2, a wife, and a homemaker with a love of seasonal living and old-fashioned skills. Not long ago, I officially left the rat race to pursue a slower, more intentional lifestyle and explore my passions in motherhood, homemaking, and living a more natural life. 

While working in my role as an executive, I was incredibly stressed and constantly overwhelmed. I enjoyed the challenge but was (unknowingly) burnt out and just going through the motions. Life was flying by as I tried to keep up. I had been too scared of leaving the security of a regular paycheck to leave. Can you relate? 

When I found out I was pregnant, I had the perfect opportunity to finally step back and gain some much-needed perspective. I wanted to slow down and start purposefully appreciating all of the beautiful things around me. I wanted to be very present and purposeful with my child as she developed and grew. I wanted to be more in touch with nature and fully embrace more basic, healthier ways of life. Immediately, I started making changes to my life. 

I said goodbye to long commutes. Goodbye to dedicating an entire day to working for someone else. Goodbye to stress overload! 

And I said hello to building a holistic life that nourishes my family and helps us thrive. Hello to becoming more in tune with nature and implementing more frugal, natural, and simple ways of living to better me and my family. Hello to my Love & Homemaking blog!

Now, I work limited hours from home with my dogs at my feet, my toddler giving me snuggles all day and I’m building a life I love at home. And you know what? I’ve genuinely never been happier. I’d love to show you how you can also build a home life that is simple, satisfying, cozy, and beautiful.

If you’re a mom with a love of old-fashioned skills, seasonal living, and homemaking, explore some of our content and join me on my journey of living a cozy and wholesome life at home. Thanks for stopping by!


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